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SymplBrush was designed to eliminate the most common cause of dental decay, injury, and gum disease; user error. By harnessing the equivalent of twenty toothbrushes working simultaneously, SymplBrush delivers a safe, clinically proven, and effective clean each and every time you use it. Our patented "Living Hinge" bristle design allows SymplBrush to be the first effective, safe, full-arch toothbrush as proven by the Forsyth Institute, an affiliate of The Harvard Dental School in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The SymplBrush's stretch-fit design accommodates a variety of mouth sizes while delivering 5-7mm of bristle movement and up to 900 strokes per minute. This mechanical design allows the bristles to contact each tooth surface for 5-10 seconds when used in the 30-second guided mode, as opposed to just 1.5 seconds when using traditional toothbrushes as directed for two minutes.


The American Dental Association reports that on average, people spend only ~45 seconds brushing their teeth. If used for two minutes, with the proper angle, and pressure, there is substantial clinical evidence that both manual and electric toothbrushes are highly effective. Despite this understanding, and generations of dentists recommending two minutes, twice daily for brushing, the ADA research shows most people are not in compliance. SymplBrush was therefore developed to address the greatest cause of dental decay, injury, and gum disease: user error. By guiding the user through a programmed, thirty-second mode, SymplBrush provides an effective clean well within the forty-five seconds we know most people are willing to spend brushing. A self-directed manual mode allows users more control of the length of brushing time, if desired (not necessary).

First-in-Class: Engineered to be Effective

Oral care is all about the disruption of the sticky, bacterial-laden plaque that forms on tooth surfaces. To destroy plaque, toothbrush bristles need to physically interact with it. A useful analogy is a soap bubble floating through the air; if you're gentle, you can catch it in your hand, but blunt force will burst the bubble immediately. Previous attempts at mouthpiece toothbrushes have failed because they focused on the vibration of silicone bristles to destroy plaque. As in the above analogy, these failed devices merely shake the plaque; they do not create the force needed to disrupt the plaque. With its novel design, SymplBrush creates 5-7mm of movement of nylon bristles designed to deliver just enough force to destroy plaque, without injuring your teeth or gums.

Clinical Data: Astonishing Results

The Forsyth Institute conducted a six-week clinical study in which SymplBrush users were measured against a control group of manual toothbrush users. SymplBrush users were 137% better at reducing gingivitis when used twice daily for one minute when compared to the control group. This finding is further supported by immunological tests that measured a 70% greater reduction in inflammatory markers present in patients with gum disease, compared to manual brush users.

Dr. Hatice Hasturk, DDS, Ph.D., the lead investigator of the study, observed that while manual toothbrush users removed plaque sufficiently to improve gingivitis, they injure their gum tissue each time they brush, making improvements in gingivitis likely to be only short-term. In contrast, SymplBrush’s gentle movement allows the gum tissue time to heal and long-term inflammation to decrease as it doesn’t traumatize the tissue.


Most toothpastes are designed to foam up and stay on a toothbrush for two minutes. SymplPaste was designed using NASAdeveloped nanotechnology to foam up and rinse off quickly while remineralizing your teeth from the inside out. Designed to be SLS, Fluoride free, Vegan, and 100% organic, it's possibly the cleanest toothpaste on earth.

Why SymplBrush Works

People are born with 32 teeth. With three surfaces per tooth, plus an extra surface for the back of your last molars, that's a total of 100 surfaces you need to clean when brushing. If you brush for 45 seconds like the average person, each surface only has contact with your toothbrush for 0.5 seconds! With its unique stretch fit design, SymplBrush allows approximately 10 seconds of tooth-bristle contact. That's 20x longer!


After hundreds of years of incremental design improvements to the toothbrush, SymplBrush safely and effectively introduces automated technology to remove user error and variability from oral care. Just as the the self-driving automobile will revolutionize the way we drive, SymplBrush will revolutionize home oral care.


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The price for our starter kit is $149, which includes the SymplBrush handpiece, two sizes of our patented cradle and bristles, and a tube of SymplPaste. 

To help keep you fully stocked and saving money, we also offer a quarterly subscription plan called The SymplSet which provides you with two new tubes of SymplPaste and a fresh set of bristles every three months for just $25 per shipment.

Our Starter Kit includes both bristle sizes (76mm and 81mm) which will accommodate 95% of adult users. We recommend trying each size to determine which works best for you! 

If the hand-piece stalls easily, or the bristles feel too tight, try the other size and see if it fits and performs better.

The SymplBrush automatic mode will guide you through a complete clean in just 30 seconds. For users that want more control, you can use manual mode for as long as you like.

From fully drained, it takes approximately 2 hours to fully charge the SymplBrush battery.

While user experience may vary, when operated in automatic mode, the SymplBrush battery will typically require charging approximately every 60-90 days.

While you can use any toothpaste out there, SymplPaste is optimized to work with SymplBrush. Here’s why:

Traditional toothpaste is meant to foam up as you move around your mouth for two minutes. It needs to stick around for a while. To maximize the effectiveness of SymplBrush, SymplPaste foams up quickly and rinses off easily so you can be clean in just thirty seconds. SymplPaste is also the cleanest toothpaste ever; it is fluoride-free, non-GMO, vegan, and SLS-free. 

Fluoride is great at preventing cavities, but works only on the tooth surface level. As your teeth mature, they’ve been exposed to so much fluoride that the teeth can no longer absorb it, rendering it useless in most circumstances. As a preventative, fluoride is great, but if you’ve ever had a cavity, it has failed you. 

SymplPaste is next-generation cavity prevention.  Your teeth (like bones) are primarily made of Nano-Hydroxyapatite. Studies show some remineralization of enamel and dentin with fluoride, but significantly more re-mineralization of dentin with n-HAp. This means that both fluoride and n-HAp can prevent cavities, but n-HAp is much more effective at reversing cavities and remineralizing teeth than fluoride. The n-HAp in SymplPaste also hinders plaque formation, reduces gingivitis, and helps with tooth sensitivity.

While fluoride is good, the science shows that n-HAp is better. Please visit our SymplPaste page to learn more about the future of toothpaste.

As with all toothbrushes, we recommend replacing the bristles every three months. With the SymplSet, we make it easy to remind you it’s time to change. Members receive fresh bristles, and more SymplPaste, every 3 months to ensure you are replacing when you should be.

To replace the bristles, simply remove the motor by gripping the cradle and motor and rotating the cradle clockwise. Once separated, simply remove the bristle insert from the cradle. Follow the same steps in reverse order to reassemble the device. 

Please visit The SymplSet to learn how to get fresh bristles and SymplPaste delivered to you every 3 months, right when your dentist would recommend a bristle change.

After each use, rinse under running water to remove any visibly remaining SymplPaste. Shake off any excess water, and store it on the stand that was supplied with your Starter Kit with the bristle side down. In general, we recommend always placing the brush on the magnetic stand with the bristle side down when possible.

We also recommend separating the bristles from the motor and cradle once a week to remove any accumulated toothpaste from the cradle and under the bristle insert.

The current version of SymplBrush is water resistant. While it is safe to rinse your bristles clean, we do not recommend using your SymplBrush or other electronic toothbrushing devices in the shower.

Your SymplBrush Starter Kit includes a magnetic stand. To maximize the lifespan of your SymplBrush, we recommend storing the SymplBrush on the provided charging stand in a well ventilated, dry area with the bristles facing down.

It is important to note that SymplBrush is designed as a cleaning solution for your teeth, not a whitening solution. The process of teeth whitening involves the dentist applying hydrogen peroxide to your front teeth, which can penetrate the porous outer layer of your teeth and break apart stain compounds using a chemical reaction called oxidation. Since SymplBrush itself is designed to be the simplest and safest cleaning solution for your teeth, you will certainly yield the best results when used in combination with your preferred teeth whitening system.

Ingredients: Vegetable Glycerin, Hydrated Silica, Sorbitol, Xylitol, Purified Water, Nano-Hydroxyapatite, Calcium Carbonate, Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Peppermint Flavor, Methyl Salicylate, Potassium Sorbate.

Fluoride-free, non-GMO, vegan, and SLS-free; SymplPaste is the cleanest toothpaste ever! 

Not yet, but we will offer more sizing options soon! SymplBrush is currently designed for ages 13 and older, given that most people finish losing their baby teeth by age 12. Please sign up for emails to be the first to know about new product offerings.


SymplBrush is only available here at We are always here to help, please reach out to us at for assistance.

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Account & Membership

Editing your SymplSet membership is easy! Simply login to your Subscription Management Portal via the link that you received in your subscription order confirmation email. If you are having trouble, please reach out to for assistance.

If you no longer wish to save with your subscription, no problem! You are always able to cancel your SymplSet membership or skip a shipment as needed, simply login to your Subscription Management Portal via the link that you received in your subscription order confirmation email. If you are having trouble, please reach out to for assistance.

If you wish to stop receiving emails from from SymplBrush, please reach out to for assistance.

Using SymplBrush - What To Expect

Unlike other electric toothbrushes, SymplBrush actually doesn't vibrate- it oscillates! 

When pressing the power button, the internal motor creates 5-7mm of oscillation in the bristles for just the right amount of movement to disrupt plaque while safely massaging the gum line as well.

While SymplBrush takes care of thoroughly cleaning your teeth, you’ll still want to give it a bit of guidance to accommodate the unique shape of your mouth. Instead of simply leaving it in the center of your mouth, after pressing the power button you will want to move SymplBrush from side to side allowing the bristles to stretch to reach and clean your back molars. It’s your choice to start with the top or button teeth. Once the arch that you started brushing is finished, simply flip and repeat to clean the rest of your teeth.

Don’t forget that your Starter Kit comes with two sizes of our cradle and bristle sets! We encourage you to try both our “narrow” 76mm bristle cradle and our “wide” 81mm bristle cradle to see which size fits your mouth best.

Upon first bite, you may notice that SymplBrush does not reach the back of your teeth. This is intentional, as no two mouths are the same! 

SymplBrush is designed with flexible, stretch-fit technology to reach the back molars as you move the brush from corner to corner of your mouth when you use it. No matter how crooked or straight the teeth, or how narrow or wide the mouth, SymplBrush will clean everyone equally.

Our automatic 30 second mode is a guide, but certainly not a rule. Feel free to hold down your power button and use SymplBrush in manual mode as long as you like to achieve a satisfactory cleaning. While the brush is able to simulate a full 2 minute cleaning in as little as 30 seconds, we find that many SymplBrush users prefer the freedom of manual mode. Perhaps you will too!

Despite having 20 times the bristles, SymplBrush does not need more toothpaste than one might normally use! For ease of brushing and rinsing, we recommend using toothpaste tablets with SymplBrush. If using our SymplPaste (or any other toothpaste) we recommend placing a small arch of paste at the bottom and few pea-sized drops of paste along the sides inside the canal of your SymplBrush bristles, as pictured here.

To use your SymplPaste toothpaste applicator, simply unscrew the nozzle back partially in a counter-clockwise direction to open the applicator tip. You should see the tip of the nozzle open up, allowing a small amount of paste to be squeezed through, although it does take some finesse to open up the nozzle just enough. If you continue to have trouble, you may find it just as easy to not use the applicator tip and simply unscrew the cap off entirely to squeeze your pea-sized toothpaste drops onto the brush. 

We know the SymplPaste applicator tip could use some improvement, and we are actively working on a new design for our tube!


If you aren’t totally satisfied with your SymplBrush, no problem. Any SymplBrush Starter Kit bought directly on this site can be returned for a full refund to the original purchaser for any reason within the first 100 days of purchase. Just contact us at for assistance.

All sales for replacement bristles and SymplPaste are final.

For purchases made through a third party retailer (i.e. at another store or website), please reach out to that seller directly for returns, exchanges, or any other customer service issues.

Our responsibility for our products doesn't end when our consumers receive it. That’s why we created SymplCircle; just send us your brush, bristles, or SymplPaste tubes when you are done with them, and we’ll cover the postage and take care of breaking it down and recycling in the most sustainable way possible.