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Building a Better Brush

In 20 years of practice, Dr. Keith Arbeitman found that patients are as likely to hurt their gums by brushing too much as they are to hurt their teeth by brushing too little.

As a dentist, he’s also familiar with ADA research showing the average person brushes for only 45 seconds at a time, despite the recommended two minutes, twice daily.

This isn’t surprising. Over the years we’ve been given contradictory advice: brush in tiny circles, brush in downward strokes, brush side-to-side at a 45-degree angle to the gums, etc., etc. (And yes, 2 full minutes is never easy).

Meet Sympl, the toothbrush that’s way more effective at removing plaque than traditional brushing.

So what’s the right way to brush?

The right way is any way that removes plaque without hurting gums, and that’s exactly what SymplBrush is engineered to do – within the 30- to 45-second window that most brushers prefer.

With 20X the nylon bristles of a regular brush, SymplBrush removes the user error and gets the job done simply, safely, and quickly.

SymplBrush design image
SymplBrush prototype image

It's weird, but it works.