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SymplBrush Starter Kit


Press a button for just the right clean; not too little and not too much. SymplBrush will clean your teeth completely, in 30 seconds, without ever hurting your gums

The SymplSet: Sign up to receive replacement bristles and a 6oz tube of SymplPaste every 3 months for only $25 per shipment.

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Included in your Starter Kit:

SymplBrush electric handpiece

SymplBrush electric handpiece

Two sizes of cradles and bristles

Two sizes of cradles and bristles

Charging cable

Charging cable

Storage stand

Storage stand

What makes SymplBrush different?

With the press of a button, SymplBrush addresses a common problem - brushing too little and/or too much. Like a self-driving car, our technology is designed to remove user error.Less burden, more benefit.

Ultra-soft bristles and a flexible cradle

Stretch to fit your unique jaw shape for a custom clean

Ergonomically-designed handle

Easy grip, and no slip, for brushers of all abilities

Pressure-sensitive motor

Automatically pauses if too much force is applied to save your gums

Low-footprint magnetic stand

Keeps SymplBrush safely stored between uses

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