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The SymplSet; sympl...and easy.

SymplSet Members receive fresh bristles and 180 SymplChews delivered to their door, every 3 months for $35 (a $51 value)

Meet Sympl, the toothbrush that’s way more effective at removing plaque than traditional brushing.

SymplSet Members receive the following every 3 months:



3 x 60 tablet monthly pack

SymplChews offer a natural alternative to fluoride. The difference is hydroxyapatite (or "HAp"). HAp was first developed by NASA in the 1970s to help astronauts returning from space with loss of bone density due to weightlessness. Teeth - like bones - are built from hydroxyapatite, so it's great at addressing cavities and remineralizing teeth. The HAp in SymplChews hinders plaque formation, reduces gingivitis, and helps with tooth sensitivity too.

Our plastic free delivery also reduces the impact of the over 1.5 billion plastic toothpaste tubes placed in landfills each year. With the launch of our SymplChews, we are proud to make it easier for all of us to do our part.


Replacement Bristles

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Your bristles should be replaced every three months for maximum hygiene and effectiveness. Our patent-pending "Living Hinge" cradle and bristles set pairs 20-traditional-brushes worth of nylon bristles with a flexible nylon cradle to help fit any adult mouth while reliably disrupting plaque (unlike silicone "bristles").