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The SymplSet; sympl...and easy.

SymplSet Members receive fresh bristles and a 6oz tube of SymplPaste delivered to their door, every 3 months, for $25 (a $39 value).

Meet Sympl, the toothbrush that’s way more effective at removing plaque than traditional brushing.

SymplSet Members receive the following every 3 months:



6oz. tube
SymplPaste offers protection that is better than fluoride.

The difference is nano-hydroxyapatite (or "n-HAp"). n-HAp was first developed by NASA in the 1970s to help astronauts returning from space with loss of bone density due to weightlessness. Teeth - like bones - are primarily made of n-Hydroxyapatite. n-HAp is much more effective at reversing cavities and remineralizing teeth than fluoride. The n-HAp in SymplPaste also hinders plaque formation, reduces gingivitis, and helps with tooth sensitivity.

Subtle-mint-flavored SymplPaste is also the cleanest toothpaste ever; it is fluoride-free, non-GMO, vegan, and SLS-free.


Replacement Bristles

Replacement bristles

Your bristles should be replaced every three months for maximum hygiene and effectiveness. Our patent-pending "Living Hinge" cradle and bristles set pairs 20-traditional-brushes worth of nylon bristles with a flexible nylon cradle to help fit any adult mouth while reliably disrupting plaque (unlike silicone "bristles").